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Bastien Blaze. Mutant. Time Traveler. Daredevil. Nephilim. Pushed by curiosity to find out more about this timeline.
Not your regular son of an Angel...
((RP blog for OC - will RP with everyone - FC: Max Irons))


I am putting this character on indefinite hiatus. I have - sort of - lost my male muses. I won’t be roleplaying Bastien until - maybe - I find my muse back. 

However this character is an OC who could be handed over to a willing roleplayer. The same applies to my Danny Ketch blog.

If you want to take any of them over, you can contact me through Skype; I am “remy.emma”. Or contact me on my personal tumblr’s askbox

You can also find me over my other independent female RP accounts:




My apologies to the people I was roleplaying with as Bastien but muses can be fleeting things. I took a break from my independent accounts to try and find my Mojo back but it’s apparently too far gone. 

If you want to join a fun Marvel roleplay group, I recommend MarvelU. I RP a couple of characters over there.

Motocycle Parts an’ Coffee


*She nudged him back, wiggling her nose at him. She chuckled lightly after she shook her head at her brother.* Alright, buh ah ain’t gunna be humorin’ ya fere’er. Jus so y’know t’at. *She poked him in his shoulder.* Ya can’ protect me fere’er.

"I know, I know… But… as long as ya let me, I’m gonna protect you, petite soeur." He said with a smile, poking her back. 


What brings you here, anyways? To see your mother?

Yeah. I wanted to see what she was like… y’know… young. 

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Are you sweet talkin’ me, Bas?

Where would the mystery be if I told you that?

I wouldn’t dare, Becka. 

Please… You ain’t gonna tell a friend? 

((So it has been revealed in the Vicious Cycle run that Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider is an angel. yup))
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((So it has been revealed in the Vicious Cycle run that Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider is an angel. yup))



I’m going to be away for about a week. Sorry if I couldn’t warn you earlier, it wasn’t planned. I’m going to miss you all.